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The family Anagnostou comes from Pinakates, a small village in the mountains of Pelion. Here they resided in one of the oldest manor houses, from the 1817th until 1975.They dealt exclusively with the cultivation and marketing of olives and olive oil. Since then, they founded an additional beach front hotel and restaurant called "Rodia", located a few miles away in the seaside village of Kala Nera, the original commercial center of Pinakates. By the greater concentration of family tourism, only a few olives and olive oil were produced, which were used mainly for the restaurant. Since consumption was low, there was only working with a natural fertilizer in the olive groves, which will continue until today.

The idea of marketing the olive oil came after more than 30 years mainly by the guests of the restaurant "Rodia", which took place after the enjoyment of Greek cuisine, that the olive oil used here is one of the best would be in the Mediterranean area.

TO PINAKIOTIKO "ΤΟ ΠΙΝΑΚΙΩΤΙΚΟ" Olive oil - Extra virgin olive oil from the Mount Pelion.

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So we have now decided to take the first step into the world of trading and selling our products with the name "To Pinakiotiko".

Detailed information:

Our olives
Our oil is produced by traditional methods from generation to generation. Each year we fertilize our trees with natural fertilizer and the end of November, we start with the harvest of the olives. The olives are harvested by hand and placed in boxes for sorting. A part is processed into oil and one part is intended to be eaten.

Oil press - Oil mill
Our olives are cold pressed and with a purely mechanical process. This will especially the aroma and taste of its own, and preserving the specific natural ingredients of the oil received.

Certification - Acidity
Extra virgin olive oil: The oil is of excellent quality. It has excellent color, aroma and flavor, while the acid is less than 0.4%. The law allows an acidity to 0.8%. The acidity of this olive oil is 0.3%

To maintain the quality of olive oil, we recommend using dark glass bottles and on cool, dark and dry places to store. The storage of oil for a long time in transparent bottles leads to deterioration.

Also available: Natural olive soap with no additives, jam, etc.